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Extract Information Systems specializes in undertaking complex large, long-term data entry and imaging projects ranging from financial forms, survey forms, insurance/medical forms, response cards, book conversions, and many other projects. We offer world-class solutions for all project sizes, and extremely aggressive pricing, thus providing compelling solutions to a wide range of major corporations.

Data Capture

Extract ensures accurate entry from response cards, survey forms, books, journals and hand written materials into electronic formats. We offer 100% key verification, OCR and forms processing, while providing rapid turnaround, designed to meet client expectations.

Imaging & Indexing

Extract handles documents of all size, color, shape, age, and texture to enable the creation of clear, clean images akin to original quality. To simplify retrieval, we work closely with clients to define and create effective indexes from the scanned images.

Litigation Support and Coding

Our coding team works with you to identify needs at the beginning of the project, and then defines the processes around it to ensure an efficient workflow for our encoding staff. For details, click here.

Data/Records Management

The data and information circulating in an organization are constantly changing. Yet there is always the need to have historic data available online for reference and updates. Extract is experienced in creating solutions to help you store, update and retrieve your data anytime, anywhere, now and in the future.

Extract Information Systems
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